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SC Home Builders Self Insurers Fund
Resources for Policyholders

Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions, downloadable documents, helpful articles and more.

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Policyholder Services

Customer Service

Each policyholder has a dedicated customer service representative (CSR) assigned to the account. Generally, assignment is based upon the business name of the policyholder. The following represents the current division along with their direct dial phone number and email address:

  • (A – F) Kathy Fleming, (803) 978-5056,
  • (G – M) Kenyana Carter, (803) 978-5057,
  • (N – Z) Linda Humphries, (803) 978-5047,

Policy Renewal

  • Your policy renews every year on January 1 regardless of when you became a member.
  • Renewal payrolls are based on the last 12 months reported payroll or your prior year audited payroll.
  • You will receive a renewal bill that is due January 1 for any adjustment to your deposit and with the annual expense constant.
  • Premium volume discounts and/or scheduled credits/debits are determine annually. Final premium volume discounts are based upon audited premium and may vary with the final adjustment of actual audited premium.
  • If you wish to cancel your policy, a written request signed by a majority owner must be received at least 30 days prior to your renewal date.

Monthly Reporting Forms – Key Dates

  • Reporting forms are due by the 10th day of the following month. Reporting forms received after the 10th day of the month are considered delinquent.
  • Reporting form not posted or payments not credited to your account by the close of business on the 20th day of the month will be charge a $25.00 late fee and a late notice will be issued.
  • A 30 Day Notice of Cancellation will be issued if your reporting form is not posted or your payment is not credited to your account by the last day of the month. If either the reporting form or the payment is received by the pending cancellation date, a $30.00 reinstatement fee will be charged to your account.

Monthly Reporting Forms – Adding Class Codes

  • A Quick Reference Rate Card is included in your new policyholder or renewal packet. Class codes may be added to your monthly reporting form by handwriting it in the first month. The added class code will automatically print on subsequent monthly report forms.
  • If you use the automated system, you must ask your CSR to add the class code before you complete your report online. Only class codes already tied to your policy will show on the electronic version and changes require staff intervention. Once it is added, it will remain on subsequent online forms for that policy term.

Online Monthly Reporting, ACH and Credit Card Payments

  • We offer online monthly payroll reporting and direct ACH payment for our policyholders through the self-service portal.
  • Credit card payments are taken telephonically by your CSR for paper and online completed monthly payroll reports. Credit card payment is not available through the portal; however, monthly payroll reports can be completed online prior to contacting your CSR to make payment by credit card.


Please contact your agent or CSR in writing for any of the following:

  • Name change
  • Address change
  • Change in Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)
  • Ownership change
  • Addition or deletion of name insured with the same FEIN
  • Change in legal entity
  • Addition or deletion of an officer
  • Change in percentage ownership by officers or partners

Certain changes may require an ERM-14, a new Agreement to Pay Premiums and Reasonable Attorney Fees, Personal Guaranty Form or any combination of these.


Nonpayment of premium due (30 day notice of cancellation)

Noncompliance (30 day notice of cancellation)

  • Failure to submit monthly payroll reporting form
  • Failure to comply with audit
  • Failure to comply with Risk Control & Safety (RCS) recommendations
  • Unsafe work practices
  • Delinquency in claim reporting
  • Failure to comply with Claims Department in the investigation or defense of claim
  • Failure to attend required seminar
  • Underwriting reasons

Policyholder’s request – Requests for cancellation must be in writing from the policyholder and received no later than 32 days in advance of the requested cancellation date and should include the signature of an owner or officer along with the reason for cancellation. We are required to give 32 days notices of cancellation to SCWCC. If we do not receive the request at least 32 days in advance, the cancellation date will be 32 days after we receive the request in our office.

Duplicate coverage – In the event that you replace coverage with a new carrier, you must provide proof of coverage in the form of the binder or copy of the new policy in order to cancel coverage on the effective date of the new coverage.

Short rate penalty – Please be advised that your request to cancel your workers’ compensation policy midterm will result in a short term penalty calculated in accordance with NCCI rules.


  • The Board of Trustees has adopted a reinstatement policy for policyholders who have received cancellation notices. If reinstatement is allowed, your account will be charged a reinstatement fee of $30.00.
  • Only three (3) cancellations and reinstatements for nonpayment of premium are allowed per policyholder in any policy year. Policyholders whose policies are cancelled for nonpayment of premium or failure to submit monthly reporting forms for a fourth time during a policy period will be cancelled and ineligible for coverage for 12 months from the final date of cancellation.

Out-of-State Exposure

  • The fund provides SC workers’ compensation benefits to employees hired in SC by an employer domiciled in SC. There may be coverage afforded for incidental out-of-state exposures. Please contact your agent or your CSR if you will be working outside of South Carolina.
  • There is NO coverage afforded to employees, casual labor or uninsured subcontractors hired outside South Carolina. Please note that should your percentage of out-of-state payroll exceeds 10% of your total payroll, your coverage may be subject to cancellation.

Special Conditions or Operations Affecting Coverage and Premium

  • Corporate officers included in coverage – Final premium will be based upon the actual audited payroll for included officers. The minimum or maximum payroll for corporate officer will apply based upon the amounts established by NCCI.
  • Sole proprietors, partners and members of limited liability company (LLC) or limited liability partnership (LLP) included in coverage – Final premium will be based on flat payroll amount established by NCCI.

Certificates of Insurance and Waivers of Subrogation

Please contact your agent for certificates of insurance.

If a waiver of subrogation, individual or blanket, is needed, the agent must obtain prior approval. A Waiver of Subrogation Request form must be completed and approved prior to commencing work and must include the following:

  • Location of job
  • Type of work to be performed
  • Duration of job
  • Contract number, if available

There is no charge for waivers of subrogation. Waivers of subrogation expire on the expiration date of the policy for which they are granted and do not renew. If the duration of the job extends past the expiration date of the policy for which the waiver was issued, a new waiver of subrogation must be requested by the agent using the Waiver of Subrogation Request form just as though it was a new waiver. Work may not continue from one policy period to the next without an approved waiver for the new period even if the work is contiguous or continuous.

Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management Seminars

  • All new policyholders are required to attend a Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management seminar with 12 months of the first policy effective date.
  • Any policyholder placed on probation for losses or other reasons will be required to attend the next seminar within their area which will be specified in a letter mailed to the policyholder concerning probationary status.
  • Upon renewal for policyholders with a loss ratio greater than 70% will be required to attend a seminar within the policy period.
  • Policyholders and their employees rated with class code 5645 (carpentry) in companies with a significant exposure in class code 5645, as determined by SCHBSIF, are required to attend a supplemental seminar. These seminars are held immediately following each regular Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management seminar. Attendance at this training is not restricted to those attending the seminar. Additionally, individual 5645 training is available by contacting Risk Control and Safety to make an appointment.
  • Beginning in 2018, we will be offering these seminars in Spanish following the one conducted in English.  Policyholders should notify Risk Control if monolingual Spanish speaking employees will be attending either seminar.
  • Failure to attend required seminars will result in cancellation of your workers’ compensation coverage.

Claims Management

Claim Reporting

The first thing that needs to be done is obtain the necessary medical attention for the injured worker: on-site first aid, minor emergency/urgent care center, emergency room or ambulance assistance, as appropriate. Advise the care provider that this is a work-related accident and to perform an alcohol and drug test during treatment.

All medical treatment and procedures subsequent to initial treatment must be authorized by our claims department. Send all correspondence and medical bills from the provider to the SCHBSIF office.

Immediately after ensuring the injured worker’s initial medical needs are being seen to, notify our office of the injury. You must complete ACORD Form 4 (Workers’ Compensation First Report of Injury or Illness). As an alternative, you may call us at (800) 678-8178 or (803) 771-0566 and we will take the claim report over the telephone. For after hour emergency claims, call (803) 309-9761.

While the following information needed during a first report of injury, do not delay notifying us simply because you do not have every item listed below:

  • Policyholder’s business name
  • Injured workers’ name
  • Injured workers’ SSN
  • Injured workers’ telephone number
  • Injured workers’ address
  • Rate of pay
  • Type of injury
  • Work status
  • What and how it happened

The ACORD Form 4 must include the employee’s correct Social Security Number (SSN), address, date of birth, date of accident, location of accident including county and the policyholder’s FEIN. The claim cannot be processed without these.

  • You may fax the ACORD Form 4 to us at (803) 252-8581; however, you will need to mail the original to SCHBSIF, Attn: Claims, PO Box 7727, Columbia, SC 29202.
  • Do not mail the ACORD Form 4 to you agent or the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission
  • Mail new reports of injury separately from other correspondence
  • Send subsequent correspondence, SCWCC forms and medical bills to our office

If you include a copy of a previously submitted ACORD Form 4 with follow-up materials, please be sure to write “Photocopy” on the form so that it will not be entered as a new claim. All that is needed to identify a claim is the policyholder’s company name, the date of accident and either the employee name or SSN.

Prompt Accident Reporting – It’s the Law!

South Carolina law requires employers to promptly report workers’ injuries in a timely fashion or be subject to fines. Failure to promptly report an injury does not make it go away. In many cases, it makes the claim more costly to you and us by reducing the control we have over medical treatment, extends out-of-work time and increases the overall cost of the claim.

Failure to promptly report claims is also a grounds for non-renewal or policy cancellation as is failure to cooperate with or withholding information from claims department staff members.

Post-Injury Drug and Alcohol Testing

Any employee reporting a work-related injury that requires medical treatment must be tested for the presence of drugs or alcohol at the time of initial treatment. This test must be done on the date of accident. Any person who refuses to submit to such screening, test or other procedure to help in the detection of drug or alcohol use or is found working under the influence of alcohol, illegal substances or non-prescribed controlled substances may be denied workers’ compensation benefit pursuant to section 42-11-100 of the SC Workers’ Compensation Act. All terms and conditions of employment are strictly within the discretion and control of the employer.

We require each policyholder notify his employees of this policy and obtain a signed authorization form at initial policy issuance or as soon as an employee is hired, whichever is later. New policyholders must obtain a signed authorization from all current employees by the effective date of the policy. We also require that you instruct your employees to immediately report any alleged work-related injury to the appropriate company representative.

Policyholders must contact our offices immediately to report an incident and to receive assistance regarding initial medical treatment and drug and alcohol testing procedures. We require a signed Drug and Alcohol Testing Acknowledgment Form to accompany any employee seeking medical treatment whenever possible. Drug and alcohol testing emergency room cases should be managed in a way most suitable to the policyholder but it must be done within the requirements of the policy.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to assist our policyholders in realizing the goal of controlling workers’ compensation losses. By continually soliciting your involvement and information while administering employee claims for injuries, we can provide timely workers’ compensation benefits to employees who have legitimate claims for work-related injuries.

Our self-service portal is just that. You can obtain everything you could possibly need including copies of your current and past policies, all the detailed billing and payment history during your tenure with us and obtain necessary forms, guideline documents and policy-related information directly from your computer though any common web browser.

A wide variety of additional online content is also provided to our current policyholders, which is only accessible through the self-service portal. This content includes current and archived newsletters, printable policyholder guideline materials, reference documents, our company’s direct-dial telephone directory, policy and claim related form, scholarship information as well as links to pertinent regulatory and educational materials.

Risk Control and Safety

Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management Seminars – Requirements

  • All new policyholders are required to attend a Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management seminar within 12 months from the effective date of their first policy.
  • If you are placed on probation due to losses or other reasons, you will be required to attend the next seminar held in your area.
  • If your loss ratio is 70% or greater, you will be required to attend a seminar during the policy term. You will receive notification with your renewal information if seminar attendance is required.
  • If you report your payroll on a monthly basis, a flyer is included with your monthly reporting form that lists the next few seminars being held.

Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management Seminars – 2018 Schedule

  • January 9th – Bluffton
  • January 10th – Charleston
  • January 11th – Myrtle Beach
  • February 13th – Spartanburg
  • February 14th – Greenville
  • February 15th – Clemson
  • March 6th – Columbia
  • March 15th – Aiken
  • March 20th – Florence
  • April 17th – Charleston
  • April 18th – Myrtle Beach
  • May 8th – Rock Hill
  • May 10th – Greenwood
  • June 12th – Bluffton
  • July 26th – Greenville
  • August 21st – Columbia
  • September 11th – Myrtle Beach
  • September 12th – Charleston
  • September 13th – Bluffton
  • October 23rd – Clemson
  • October 24th – Greenville
  • October 25th – Spartanburg
  • November 6th – Columbia
  • November 15th – Charleston

Supplemental Safety Training for Carpentry Employees (Class Code 5645)

  • Policyholders with a significant carpentry exposure in class code 5645, as we determine, and their employees doing work under the 5645 class code are required to attend supplemental safety training. The supplemental training is held in conjunction with and immediately following the regular Risk Control and Safety / Claims Management seminars to make it easier on our policyholders. Policyholders who attend this training with their applicable employees are eligible to receive a policy credit of up to five percent. Policyholders who have been deemed to need the training based upon their 5645 exposure, nature of work, etc. and fail to attend may be subject to policy cancellation.
  • Beginning in 2018, we will be offering this seminar in Spanish following the one conducted in English.  Policyholders should notify Risk Control if monolingual Spanish speaking employees will be attending the seminar.
  • Under certain circumstances, this supplemental training may be conducted at the policyholder’s workplace provided arrangement have been made well in advance with the Risk Control and Safety manager.

Individualized Training and By-Request Assessments

  • Our Risk Control and Safety team makes itself available to our policyholders for specialized training at our policyholder’s workplace. Our goal is to help you reduce your risk of on-the-job accidents. Interested policyholders should contact our office to speak with the appropriate people to arrange such training.
  • As with individualized training, our team will provide you with risk control and safety assessment at your place of business or at your job site. Please call our office to speak with a team representative to schedule an assessment.
  • Whether you’re implementing a safety program from scratch or reviewing an existing program, our risk control staff can help with onsite support services to developing benchmark metrics that reinforce a commitment to a safe job site or shop.

Safety Resources for Policyholders

Premium Audit Services

Purpose of Your Annual Audit

  • Your workers’ compensation policy was issued based upon the payroll and class code estimates you or your agent submitted. An annual audit is conduct after the policy year expires to determine if there are any adjustments than need to be made based upon your actual payroll. Renewal policy premium estimates are based upon the prior policy year. These are also subject to annual audit as businesses are dynamic and things can change from year to year.
  • A senior audit consultant will notify you by mail or telephone to schedule your audit appointment with you, your CPA or another designated individual authorized to work with the auditor. It is important that whoever meets with the auditor is thoroughly familiar with the company’s operations including any and all subcontractors and company personnel and payroll.
  • Failure to make your records available at the agreed date, time and place may result in policy cancellation. Nonpayment of additional premium is also grounds for policy cancellation.
  • Audits that uncover overpayment of premium will result in a credit to your account. These funds will be applied to your current policy premium until exhausted or roll over into the subsequent policy year. For terminated accounts, policy credit is used to satisfy any debts you may owe the fund. Once all debts are satisfied, the residual will be returned to you.

Records Needed for Audit

  • Books of original entry (payroll journals or individual earnings records)
  • Federal and state employment tax reports
  • Documentation (invoices) of labor and material costs paid to
  • Certificates of insurance for subcontractors covering all periods of work and payment

Audit Resources

  • Our senior audit consultants are available throughout the year to discuss your audit concerns, advise you on ways to make your annual audit progress smoothly and to assist you in making payroll classifications consistent with the work being done. Your consultant can also provide you with a spreadsheet including instructions that will assist you in splitting an employee’s payroll between varying class codes based upon the work performed. Such splitting, however, does require a little more work on your part but can help reduce your premium costs.

Audit Staff

  • Brian Emery, Manager (803) 603-2297
  • Craig Manning, Senior Audit Consultant (803) 603-5228
  • Scott Manns, Senior Audit Consultant (803) 603-5227


Kenyana Carter (A-J)

Customer Service

(803) 978-5057

Linda Humphries (K-Z)

Customer Service

(803) 978-5047

Brandy Shealy


(803) 978-5046


Darlene Frick


(803) 978-5060

Vickie Rita


(803) 978-5061

After Hours


(803) 309-9761

Risk Control & Safety

Danny Dilworth


(803) 978-5085

Brandy Cornett

RCS Admin

(803) 978-5086

Clark Frady


(803) 309-9604

Donnie Cranfell


(803) 315-2617

Premium Audit

Craig Manning


(803) 603-5228

Chris Newman


(803) 603-5227

Pat Brogan


(803) 636-7273

Management & Other

Jeff Ranew


(803) 978-5006

Mitch Draper

IT / Technology

(803) 978-5022

Melissa Williams


(803) 771-0566

Mike Hill


(803) 978-5098

Marc Muri


(803) 978-5093

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