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SC Home Builders Self Insurers Fund
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Below you will find answers to frequently asked questions, downloadable documents, helpful articles and more.

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Minimum Requirements for Acceptance

  • Applications must reflect the applicant’s payroll by class code. Some form of installation or supervisory payroll is required.
  • If it is determined there is no onsite installation or supervisory payroll at audit or during inspection, the coverage may be subject to cancellation.
  • New ventures and/or no prior coverage are acceptable but must have at least five years’ experience in the field of endeavor.
  • All new policyholders must attend a Risk Control and Safety/Claims Management Orientation seminar within 12 months of their inception date.
  • Any policyholder placed on probation due to losses or other reasons will be required to attend the next seminar in their area.
  • We reserve the right to reject any application when, in the judgment of management, acceptance obligates SCHBSIF to accept risk contrary to the best interest of the fund.

Big Builder Program - Incentive Based Commission Program

Generate new workers compensation policies and incremental business for your agency with the Big Builder Program.

  •  Earn Incentive Commissions up to 12%.
  •  Aggressive use of Schedule Credits for accounts that qualify.
  •  Pre‐Inspection Capability.
  •  Premium Audit Visit.

SCHB Self Insurers Fund is targeting the most attractive accounts involved in class codes that are applicable to commercial/residential construction that have demonstrated exceptional performance as evidenced by favorable loss history, credit modifiers and existence of formal, management level backed occupational safety program. These prospective accounts, which meet or exceed SCHB Self Insurers Fund performance criteria, will have generated no less than $35,000 in earned premium during each of the last three (3) years. Class codes considered for this program:

  • 5183 Plumbing NOC
  • 5190 Electrical Wiring
  • 5221 Concrete /Cement Work
  • 5348 Ceramic Tile, Stone Mosaic
  • 5437 Carpentry/Cabinet Trim
  • 5445 Wallboard Installation
  • 5474 Painting & Paper Hanging

Requirement for special pricing:

  • Experience modification of 1.00 or better.
  • Written and enforced safety program.
  • Designated safety program manager.
  • RCS contact with CEO or his representative. Representative should be officer of the company or designated in charge of the safety program.
  • Company Vehicle Policy (motor vehicle reports, seat belt usage, cell phone/text policy and vehicle inspections).


  • $50,000 in annualized WP or $35,000 WP after all modifications & discounts.
  • Loss ratio of 50% or better over past 3 years (construction).
  • No history of falls.
  • Experience modification of 1.00 or better.
  • Five years in business.
  • Premium audit visitation ‐ set up reporting, pre‐audit, discussion items.

Agent Emphasis: All agencies.


  • Maximum schedule credits (if needed) to help move/obtain new account.
  • Additional commission (12% new & renewal commission).

Underwriting Appetite Guidelines

  • Our Quick Reference Rate Card includes those class codes that are most commonly written by SCHBSIF.
  • SCWCC requires at least one employee or principal be covered in order to be eligible for SCHBSIF coverage.
  • The minimum annual premium for a policy is $1,500 plus the expense constant (subject to proration).
  • All policies expire at midnight on December 31. For accounts with an inception date other than January 1, the expense constant is prorated based upon a December 31 expiration date.

Special Acceptances (require referral to reinsurer and additional time to process)

  • Experience modification equal to or greater than 1.30.
  • Premiums in excess of $100,000.
  • Prior coverage with SCHBSIF that has been cancelled for any reason.
  • Construction over two-stories in height. Three-stories may be acceptable on an individual basis.
  • A single claim of $100,000 or more within the last three years or year-to-date.
  • A loss ratio greater than 75% for two years and year-to-date combined or greater than 100% in any one year.
  • Cancellation or non-renewal by prior carrier.
  • Over 100 employees at any one location.
  • As an SCHBSIF agent, your opinion counts. We value our agents as a crucial source of market information as they serve on the front lines. We also value our agents as a sounding board for new programs, campaigns, rate changes and operational or procedural changes. We are well aware that what we do can affect your business, so we ensure that we include our agent force in our decision processes.

Required Information – Initial New Business Submissions / Requests for Quotations

  • Acord 130 Application. Please be sure to complete the form in its entirety. We need all questions answered and prior year premiums and losses for year-to-date and the two prior policy terms.
  • Class code 5645 exposure requires pre-inspection by our Risk Control and Safety team.
  • If there are losses, please provide loss runs for year-to-date and prior two policy terms valued with 30 days of effective date. If no losses, please annotate such on the Acord 130 form.
  • New Ventures / No Prior Coverage / Coverage Lapsed more than 30 Days. Although prior coverage is not required, we need the following to determine experience and acceptability:

a. Number of years’ experience in the particular field of operation.

b. No-loss statement or a statement explaining any losses whether insured or not.

Upon approval of submission, we must have the following to bind coverage:

a. Acord 130. We must have the original and it must be signed by the applicant and the agent.

b. SCHBSIF Contractor’s Supplemental Application. We must have the original and it must be signed by the applicant.

c. SCC Form 6A – SCWCC Application for Membership in a Self Insured Fund. This must be an original that is signed and notarized.

d. Financial statement or balance sheet indicating at least a $25,000 net worth.

e. Check payable to SCHBSIF for the required deposit.

f. Check payable to SCWCC for $25.00.

g. For new ventures and/or no prior coverage, we need a resume outlining experience.

h. Agreement to Pay Premium and Reasonable Attorney’s Fees and Costs in the Event Collection Becomes Necessary. The top part of the form is to be completed and signed by all applicants. The Personal Guaranty portion is to be completed by all officers, partners or members with any percentage ownership. The Personal Guaranty portion does not need to be completed for a sole proprietorship.

i. If applicable, a fully completed Notice To Reject or Notice of Election.

j. Experience Modification Worksheet, if applicable.

  • Please note that coverage may not be bound without the permission of our underwriter. The effective date is determined by the date that it is accepted and approved by SCWCC.
  • Approved quotes will be considered active but not bound for 30 days. Approval of our underwriter or a revised quote will be required after 30 days. After 60 days, the account will be closed as “not written”.


  • The SCHBSIF staff annually reviews the program’s overall safety record to determine which policyholders may be non-renewed or may be required to attend a Risk Control and Safety/Claims Management Seminar.  The decision is based on the cost of the claims that a policyholder incurred and the nature of the injury.  Attendance will be required irrespective of whether the policyholder has attended a seminar in any previous year.
  • Failure to attend during the policy term will result in cancellation of coverage.
  • Policyholders with significant exposure in class code 5645 must be compliant with our directed safety training or they are subject to non-renewal. Policyholders who require such training are notified by SCHBSIF well in advance of their renewal.

Experience Modification Factor Procedures

  • New policyholders will retain the experience modification factor assigned by the appropriate rating bureau upon their entry into SCHBSIF. Depending upon the anniversary date of their NCCI Experience Modification, we will make the appropriate adjustment at their first renewal. The agent will be required to provide an updated Experience Modification Worksheet or payrolls and losses by class code. After that date, a new experience modification will be promulgated by SCHBSIF provided we receive the proper information needed to make the calculations.
  • SCHBSIF substantially follows NCCI procedures in promulgating experience modifications.

Commissions to Agents

Commissions are payable to agents on:

a. Annual premium for annual pay policies.

b. Monthly premium for monthly reporting or monthly paid policies.

Commissions are not payable to agents on:

a. Expense constants.

b. Deposit premiums.

c. Premiums which become delinquent and require SCHBSIF to engage the services of a collection agency or attorney to recover.

Commissions are paid monthly by direct deposit or by check.  SCHBSIF suggests that agencies strongly consider moving to the direct deposit method.  Statements are currently mailed; however, they are also available online through the portal.  An ACH direct deposit authorization form is available for download on the Forms tab, above.  There is also an instruction sheet under the Documents tab that explains how to download statement detail information into Excel to allow importing into certain agency management systems.

Payment of Monthly Premium

  • SCHBSIF offers two types of monthly premium payment programs; monthly payroll self-reporting and standard nine-pay payment plan, which is adjusted for short-term policies.
  • SCHBSIF can accept credit card payments by phone (VISA, Mastercard or Discover) for premium payments with no transaction fees. Policyholders can also report their payroll and/or make premium payments through our online self-service reporting and payment portal. Credit and debit cards are not accepted through the online system and can only be made by phone.
  • Monthly Payroll Self-Reporting. Monthly payroll reports are mailed to the policyholder on or around the 24th of each month for that month. The payroll report is to be completed by the policyholder and returned with the full premium due by the 10th day of the following month. If no payroll is attributable to the reported month, the report must be returned indicating no payroll by the due date or it is considered late. Premiums and/or monthly reporting forms received after the 10th day of the month are considered delinquent. If the premium and/or monthly reporting form is not credited to the account by the 20th day of the month, a late notice will be mailed to the policyholder and a $25.00 late fee will apply even if there is no reportable payroll for the month. Premium and/or monthly reporting form credited to the policyholder’s account after the close of business on the last day of the month will result in cancellation. If reinstatement is granted, a $30.00 reinstatement fee will apply.
  • Payment Plan Billing and Payments. Payment plan billing and payments follow the same timing as monthly payroll self-reporting. Monthly bills are sent to the policyholder on or around the 24th of the month and are due by the 10th of the following month. Delinquency, late payment fees, cancellation and reinstatement fees are also assessed in the same manner.

Undocumented Cash Payments

  • SCHBSIF does not condone making undocumented cash payments to employees, subcontractors or casual labor. Policyholders found to be making undocumented cash payments will be subject to immediate cancellation.


  • The Board of Trustees has developed a reinstatement policy for policyholders who have received cancellation notices. If a reinstatement is allowed, a $30.00 reinstatement fee will be assessed.
  • Only three cancellations and reinstatements are allowed per policyholder in any policy term.
  • Policyholders whose polices are cancelled for nonpayment of premium and/or failure to submit monthly payroll reporting forms for a fourth time during the policy term will not be reinstated and will be prohibited from re-applying for SCHBSIF coverage for a period of 12 months from the final cancellation date. Applications for coverage after the 12-month period will only be considered after any and all debts from the cancelled coverage is satisfied.

Cancellation – Policyholder Request

  • Requests for cancellation of coverage must be in writing from the policyholder. Such requests may be in the form of a completed and signed Loss Policy Release or a written and signed request on the policyholder’s letterhead. The reason for cancellation of coverage must be included on the request.
  • We are required by SCWCC to give 30 days’ notice of cancellation. If we do not receive the request at least 30 days in advance, the cancellation will be effective 30 days after we receive the request in our office.
  • In the event that coverage is being replaced with a new carrier, we must receive proof of coverage (binder or copy of new policy) in order to cancel coverage on the effective date of the new coverage.
  • If coverage is cancelled midterm, there will be a short rate penalty assessed in accordance with NCCI rules.
  • If the policy holder is out of business, minimum earned premium charges will apply through the cancellation date unless the cancellation audit can verify the date operations ceased.

Expense Constant

  • All policyholders are charged annually for an expense constant, which is an administrative fee. The fee is fully earned and nonrefundable in the event of cancellation of coverage.

Certificates of Insurance

  • Providing policyholders with certificates of insurance (COIs) is an agency function. SCHBSIF does not perform this function; however COIs for SCHBSIF policyholders must include:

a. Policy number b. Policy effective and expiration dates c. Employer liability limits d. Principals’ inclusion or exclusion as applicable e. Signature of an authorized agency representative

  • A copy of the COI must be mailed or faxed to SCHBSIF.

Specialized Training for Carpentry (Class Code 5645)

  • We are very serious about reducing both the frequency and the severity of workers’ compensation claims especially as they relate to catastrophic claims. There has been a marked increase in serious fall claims, especially those within the 5645 class code. While 5645 is a large portion of our exposure for which we realize approximately 33% of our premium, it accounts for approximately 45% of our losses.
  • Policyholders with a significant amount of exposure in the 5645 class code, either in overall size or as a percentage of their policy exposure are being required to attend specific 5645-related safety training provided by our Risk Control and Safety team beginning with the 2015 policy year. This training is specifically designed to train policyholders and their carpenters in required safety standards and procedures in an effort to reduce compensable incidents, especially falls.
  • Those who attend within a certain timeframe and meeting certain policy experience conditions may be eligible to receive a credit on their policy. Failure to attend the scheduled seminar is grounds for cancellation.

Waivers of Subrogation

  • A Waiver of Subrogation Form is required for all waivers of subrogation. The form must be complete to include:

a. Location of job b. Type of work to be performed c. Length of job d. Contract number, if applicable and available

  • Waivers of subrogation must be approved in advance of the work being done. There is no charge for waivers of subrogation. Additional insured status is not permitted.
  • Waivers of subrogation expire at the end of the job for which they are issued or at the end of the policy term, whichever is earliest. Waivers of subrogation do not extend into any other policy term including renewals. Any waivers of subrogation issued for work that will begin in one policy year and end in the subsequent year must be separately issued and each period requires its own request form.

Two or More Entities

  • If a majority ownership is common in two or more entities and both entities qualify for coverage, these entities will be combined provided they are operating under the same Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN). Common ownership means the same person or group of persons control more than 50% of the ownership in the entities involved.
  • If there are differing FEINs, the entities cannot be combined. Each entity will be required to have its own policy provided it meets all other criteria. Contact our Policy Services Department if you have any questions concerning separate entities.

Agent of Record Procedures

  • A policyholder may request a change of agent by a written request on company letterhead or by submitting an Acord Agent of Record form. The existing agent will be notified by SCHBSIF upon receipt of such a request and given 10 business days to obtain a rescinding letter from the policyholder. No agent of record change request will be honored in a policyholder’s first year with SCHBSIF.
  • If the agent of record letter is not contested, the change of agent request will be executed.
  • Commissions for the new agent will commence on the first day of the month following the expirations of the ten-day rescinding period.

Ongoing Review of Accounts

SCHBSIF takes a proactive approach to account management. Individual accounts are subject to review for numerous reasons including but not limited to:

a. Loss severity

b. Loss frequency

c. Failure to comply with Risk Control and Safety recommendations including 5645 training

d. Unsafe work practices

e. Fall claims

f. Delinquency in monthly payroll reporting, premium payment and/or claims reporting

g. Failure to cooperate with Claims Department in the investigation and/or defense of a claim.

h. Undocumented cash payments

i. Percentage of out-of-state work

j. Failure to cooperate during year-end audit

Actions can include but are not limited to additional Risk Control and Safety visits, additional safety training requirements, the account being placed on probation or midterm cancellation. If an account is placed on probationary status, the policyholder and agent will be notified of the reason for probation and the policyholder will be required to attend the next Risk Control and Safety and Claims Management seminar in their area, which will be specified in a letter mailed to them. Failure to attend the seminar will result in cancellation of coverage.


  • The Board of Trustees awards five one-thousand dollar merit-based scholarships each year to dependents of policyholders or dependents of employees of policyholders. Eligibility requirements, application criteria and current application forms may be found in the documents and forms sections of the Policyholder Resources webpage that can only be accessed through the Self-Service Portal by enrolled policyholders. The policyholder must be in good standing throughout the process.
  • The deadline for applying is May 1 without exception. The transmittal envelope must reflect a postmark or carrier receipt stamp on or before May 1. Late or incomplete applications are not accepted. Late or incomplete applications result in disqualification from the competition without exception.
  • Complete and timely applications are logged for tracking by SCHBSIF staff and reviewed for completeness. The judging is done by independent judges, who make their award recommendations to the Board of Trustees. Award announcements are usually made between late May and the middle of June. Scholarship payment is made directly to the institution in the name of the awardee.


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