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SCHBSIF - 20th Anniversary

SCHB Self Insurers Fund Serving the Construction Industry for 20 Years

SCHBSIF - 20th Anniversary LogoThe SCHB Self Insurers Fund was founded October 1, 1995 by members of the home building community who had grown tired of being subject to the vagaries of South Carolina’s Workers’ Compensation market. Insurance companies were once eager to write coverage at competitive prices but several years later fled our state, abandoning many construction industry risks to the assigned risk markets. Finding the situation intolerable they set out to take control of their collective destinies. The end result of these efforts was the establishment of a qualified self-insurance fund under Title 42 of the SC Code of Laws.

Over time the SCHB Self Insurers Fund grew to become one of the largest writers of workers’ compensation coverage in the state, providing more coverage than many insurance companies. Three keys to this success were the active engagement of independent insurance agencies with a commitment to the construction industry, the dedicated service by the board of trustees to oversee and guide the fund and the development of a staff of seasoned insurance professionals to handle all operational aspects of administering the fund.

Throughout its existence, the SCHB Self Insurers Fund has enjoyed success and growth. It remains dedicated to those in a volatile construction industry, which has experienced phenomenal growth and devastating collapse over the course of these two decades.

After 20 years, the SCHB Self Insurers Fund remains focused on its mission of providing the best possible workers’ compensation coverage to those who build South Carolina. The trustees, management and staff of the SCHB Self Insurers Fund would like to thank their policyholders and their partnering agents as they continue along this pathway of service and success.

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